Jessica Alba shares 8-step skincare routine that includes how to banish a double chin

Jessica Alba does this routine after removing make-up. (Getty Images)
Jessica Alba does this routine after removing make-up. (Getty Images)

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Jessica Alba has shared her eight-step skincare routine on her Instagram account and it’s refreshingly simple.

The 38-year-old does this routine whenever she wears a full face of make-up and it includes a double-cleanse to break down any hard-to-budge products.

“I don’t think there’s a non-messy way to wash your face.” The actress admitted.

We concur.

The routine, which she shared on Vogue, starts with a gel to milk cleanser which helps to break down the make-up before she goes in with a second cleanser - this time just a gel-based version.

After all the make-up has been removed, Alba uses a warm wash cloth to remove all the leftover cleanser from her face.

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The next step in the eight-step routine is a vitamin C serum.

“I love vitamin C because it brightens your skin without drying your skin out.” Alba said as she massaged the serum generously into her face.

After the vitamin C, the actress used a “life-changing” face contour machine all over her face, starting in the middle.

The idea of the machine is to lift the skin, which she demonstrated by doing one side of her face first and showing us the comparison between the two.

“Can you see the difference? I mean, it’s pretty major.” She said.

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This is followed by a lip scrub to help remove any dead skin or leftover make-up from her lips. After this, it’s time for a “really luxurious lip butter”.

Alba suggests using the lip butter right before you go because that’s how it really “penetrates” the lips.

This is followed by a thick hydro-gel cream.

“The good thing about this is that it doesn’t have any oil and it’s mostly water.” She explains.

If you’ve got particularly dry patches on your face, Alba suggests not rubbing in the hydro-gel as much in these areas to let the cream filter through the layers of the skin.

In areas where she’s more oily she makes sure it’s really rubbed into the skin.

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The “last piece of the puzzle” involves a tool to increase the circulation in her face. The beauty roller created by Nurse Jamie works hard to “get rid of that double chin that you don’t want” according to Alba.

She starts in the middle of her face and vigorously scrapes her facial skin and neck in upward motions with the tool.

“This is how I pamper myself.” She announced with a fresh-face after completing the routine.

Colour us impressed.

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