Jesse McCartney responds to parody naming him the third-best male singer ever

Jesse McCartney has responded to a parody list that names him as the third greatest singer of all time.

On Monday, the sport and pop culture blog Barstool Sports shared one of their satirical "power ranking" lists via Twitter and named the top ten male singers of all time.

The ranking named Elvis Presley in the top spot, with Michael Jackson coming in second. McCartney placed third, above Frank Sinatra, Otis Redding, Adam Lambert, Ryan Cabrera, Stevie Wonder, TikTok star Chase Hudson, and Bob Dylan.

The 34-year-old singer trended on Twitter after the list went viral. He responded to the parody by promoting the upcoming tour for his fifth album New Stage and joking that he may be a better singer than Dylan.

"Lol (laugh out loud). I love the internet! Come see me on tour and I'll prove it," the Beautiful Soul hitmaker replied. "Don't sleep on your boy! Also - I probably do sing better than Bob Dylan. Sorry Bob."

Fans supported the musician in the replies, with one writing that they "feel bad for people who don't know how great of a singer you are."