Jerry Jones: No Cowboys ring of honor for Jimmy Johnson in 2020

With Jimmy Johnson’s election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Dallas Cowboys fans pondered whether the former head coach would finally broach the team’s ring of honor.

The answer is no.

Team owner Jerry Jones talked with reporters about Johnson at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis on Thursday. He made clear that Johnson is still in a holding pattern for the de facto Cowboys Hall of Fame 27 years removed from his final game with the team.

“Regarding Jimmy, we have such a big year ahead of us with Jimmy, and his celebration," Jones said. “I want that to be the focus, period.”

Isn’t it strange that Johnson is being recognized with the game’s highest individual honor before his own team deems him worthy?

According to Jones, if it’s good enough for Tom Landry, it’s good enough for Johnson.

‘They can go in the same order’

"If everybody says, 'Is that the right order of things?’ ” Jones continued. “Well, coach Landry was in the Hall of Fame before the ring of honor. Here we've got the two greatest coaches in history of the Cowboys. So they can go in the same order.”

According to Jerry Jones, if it's good enough for Tom Landry, it's good enough for Jimmy Johnson. (AP Photo/Ron Heflin, File)

So there you have it.

Jones appears to be acknowledging that yes, he will someday put aside his squabble with the coach who led the Cowboys to two Super Bowls and laid the foundation for a third before the pair had a less-than-amicable parting of ways.

But he won’t put a date on it. And he’ll do it on his own terms.

Long live petty.

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