Jeremy Vine shares cycling video of 'shocking' driver

Jeremy Vine shared helmet cam footage of a car in Kensington where the driver eats chips, drives without her hands on the wheel, and uses a phone multiple time to warn cyclists of the dangers on the road.

Video transcript

JEREMY VINE: A reminder of why safety is important. The flowers on these traffic lights mark the spot where a 27-year-old was killed by a car as he crossed the road in February. So when I'm cycling down the very dangerous Kensington High Street, I do watch for hazards. And this is a 4x4 driver who's doing the old "I can eat a bag of chips with two hands and still drive" routine.


I know, incredible. Against this large vehicle, a cyclist is just a bag of blood. Please don't blame her for not wearing a helmet. The biggest danger to her is that bag of chips. Luckily the driver has now finished them. And I wouldn't have uploaded this footage were it not for what happened next.


Turns out she also thinks it's OK to be on her phone at the lights typing two-handed. And I wouldn't have uploaded this were it not for what happened next. I'm not sure the police can do anything with that, but they will do something with this because you know when you catch up, she'll be on her phone again.

You can't be on your phone. This is one shocking driver. She's driving a truck's worth of metal with vulnerable road users completely unprotected around her. Just a reminder, this behavior gets you a 600 pound fine and six points on your license. Honestly, a phone cradle is cheaper.