Jeremy Strong reveals he turned down the role of Captain America's young body

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Jeremy Strong has revealed that he almost played Captain America's young body.

In an interview with The Times UK, the Succession star detailed his experience with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jeremy recalled being offered the role of Captain America's young, scrawny body in Captain America: The First Avenger.

In the movie, Chris Evans' head is digitally attached to a smaller body before his character Steve Rogers is injected with the "super serum" that turns him into Captain America - allowing the actor to use his own body. Leander Denny was eventually cast as the smaller body that morphed with Evans' head for the movie's first act.

"They told me there was a top-secret film about Captain America," Jeremy told The Times of the 2011 superhero flick. "They needed someone to play Captain America's young body before he turns into a superhero. They said they needed a transformational actor and would use CGI to put the actual actor's face and voice over my own."

On why he was tempted by the offer, Jeremy explained, "I was broke... I needed money. I considered it. But that's my story of LA. It was just never going to happen for me here. It didn't feel like what I had to offer was valued."

He continued, "The next day I went back to New York and did a play about a veteran from Afghanistan in a wheelchair during the blackout of 2003."