Jeremy Renner says snowplough accident taught him ‘not to squander’ life

Jeremy Renner has reflected on his near-fatal snowplough accident that occurred on New Year’s Day this January.

The 52-year-old Academy Award nominee posted on Instagram about the extensive treatments he has undergone since his accident, detailing his commitment to fully healing.

He wrote: “I have been exploring EVERY type of therapy since Jan 14th… everyday, countless hours of physical therapy, peptide injections, IV drips and pushes, stem cell and exosomes, red light/IR therapy, hyperbaric chamber 2.0 atmospheres, cold plunge, and the list goes on and on...”

“My greatest therapy has been my mind and the will to be here and push to recover and be better,” the Hawkeye star continued. “Be exceptional… I feel it’s my duty to do so. Not to squander my life being spared, but to give back to my family, friends, and all of you whom have empowered me to endure. I thank you all.”

The slowplough incident occurred at Renner’s home in the Mt Rose Highway area of Reno, Nevada. The Marvel actor sustained blunt chest trauma and broke more than 30 bones while attempting to stop a Sno Cat machine - weighing 14,000 pounds (6350kg) - from rolling over his nephew. Other serious injuries included a collapsed lung and his liver being pierced by a shattered rib.

Ever since the accident, Renner has documented his progress and has given regular updates to his followers on Instagram. He’s also shared his recovery workouts, as well as sweet words of motivation from his daughter, Ava.

Three months into his recovery, Renner made his first red carpet appearance for the premiere of his home improvement show, Rennervations, back in April. At the time, the actor told Entertainment Tonight: “The only scary part of it for me was the accident and then [the possibility of] postponing the show, ‘cause I worked so dang hard to get it to come out in the timely manner that it was gonna come.”

“It was a bit frustrating telling Disney: ‘I’m gonna be fine. Don’t worry about it. I’ll be standing, I’ll be walking that carpet, don’t you worry about it. I’ll do it. Don’t push it till next year,’ the whole thing,” he continued.

The Avengers star added: “A lot of my recovery was based on this show and setting the intention for me to be upright and walking and out of the bed for this show. And obviously for my daughter. [My recovery] affected so many people, my family, my friends, and the show is a great representation of that.”

He told the outlet that he hoped all of his upcoming work would come out on time as planned, and thankfully, he was able to make it all work despite his accident. “And here I am,” he noted. “I’m standing and making it happen, so here we go. I’m very excited about it.”

The Rennervations star last made a public appearance at Kate Beckinsale’s 50th birthday party in July, notably without the cane he’d been using for support. The actor was photographed all smiles alongside his pal Casey Affleck while attending the party.