Jeremy Paxman doesn't want sympathy as he wins praise for Parkinson's documentary

Jeremy Paxman fronted a documentary about Parkinson's disease.
Jeremy Paxman is getting on with life after his Parkinson's diagnosis. (ITV)

Jeremy Paxman has said he doesn't want sympathy, as his stoic attitude to Parkinson's disease moved viewers of his new documentary.

The 72-year-old University Challenge host was diagnosed with the neurological condition that affects body movement in 2021, and opened up about how it affected him in Paxman: Putting Up with Parkinson's which aired on ITV.

Paxman said: "I don't want people's sympathy. I want them to just say, 'Oh that bloke has got it'."

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He added: “I’m not living with it, I’m putting up with it.”

Watch: Jeremy Paxman take part in ballet class in Parkinson's documentary

Viewers praised the TV presenter's cool and calm way of dealing with his diagnosis, and many admitted they had been moved to tears.

One tweeted: "Anyone else keep welling up at Paxman - Putting up with Parkinsons? Horrible, horrible disease!"

Another shared: "Always loved his surly attitude, he may not want a hug but sending hugs anyway #JeremyPaxman"

Jeremy Paxman grilling students on University Challenge (ITV Studios/BBC)
Jeremy Paxman grilling students on University Challenge (ITV Studios/BBC)

Sarah posted: "Watching #jeremypaxman talking about #parkinsons in tears. Seeing him look so dejected and saying it’s worse for the person looking after the person with Parkinson’s. I feel the same about my cancer. It’s harder on everyone around me. I’m ok, I’m at peace with dying. They aren’t."

Frederica wrote: "Very moved by the dignity and compassion in Jeremy Paxman's documentary on his Parkinson's. The ballet! Also very insightful on how being the object of pity is disempowering and generally bad for mental health."

And another viewer said: "So sad to see the great gladiator Jeremy #paxman dimmed but not beaten by horrific parkinsons."

Jeremy Paxman (PA)
Jeremy Paxman was diagnosed with the neurological condition in 2021. (PA)

During the course of the film, Paxman met with Sharon Osbourne whose husband Ozzy Osbourne has Parkinson's, and The Chase star Paul Sinha.

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Sinha tweeted: "Thanks for the nice comments about the Jeremy Paxman documentary. Positivity is not an act of courage, just a pragmatic aid to feeling motivated every day."