Jeremy Kyle lays into 'nanny state' barbecue ban

Covering for Piers Morgan Uncensored, Jeremy Kyle laid into the 'nanny state war on summer' over the barbecue ban saying he'd been stopped from having one on a recent trip to Center Parcs.

Credit: @PiersUncensored

Video transcript

- Time for a beer-- excuse me-- and a barbecue-- and a barbecue with your friends on the lawn. By the way, Health and Safety said, don't eat this. Would I? Ridiculous.

Fire chiefs, them lot, want to ban our barbecues over safety fears, as Britain basks in another scorching heat wave. This very weekend, I thought, you know what, take the kids, take the grandkids to center parks. Get back to nature. I packed the car with a load of cheese and meat for the grill.

And what should greet me on the arrival? The Illuminati. A big sign, marvelous. No barbecues in the forest. You'll set fire to it.

No, I won't. It's a nanny plate. Now, of course, an open fire can be dangerous. Tick. But for goodness sake, sensible Brits like me have been sizzling sausages for decades without burning the house down.

If your barbie, is ablaze don't worry about it because you won't be able to put it out anyway because hose pipes are now banned in three counties with more to follow because there's a drought coming. Last week, a lawyer on this show said, we should snitch on our neighbors if we catch them watering the grass.