Jeremy Clarkson had a near-death experience with a caravan filming The Grand Tour

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Jeremy Clarkson had a near-death experience with a caravan while filming The Grand Tour.

Clarkson, 61, has made no secret of his pet hate for the touring vehicles in the past, and while filming in Scotland, he found himself in trouble.

His car’s tow bar broke off as he negotiated a tight corner, and he was overtaken by the caravan he had been towing.

“There was a point, when it started to overtake me, that I thought, ‘God I’m having the biggest accident of my life’,” he told The Sun.

“Then I thought, ‘No, wait, I’m still in control’.”

Clarkson said the moment “was a pure, genuine, 100-per-cent accident.”

The production team had to stay in caravans to meet Covid-19 guidelines, despite Jeremy’s previous efforts to wreck trailers for TV stunts.

Co-host James May found the incident hilarious, reportedly laughing hard at Clarkson’s fortune.

May told the newspaper: “For half a second I thought the whole rig had gone off the edge. I thought, ‘We are finally shot of Jeremy, with his beloved caravan’.”

The new 90-minute special sees the trio, including co-host Richard Hammond, shooting in Scotland due to Covid-19 restrictions.

They drive through the streets of Edinburgh, and enjoy a high-octane racetrack showdown with W Series driver Abbie Eaton.

The plan was to get away to the Outer Hebrides, but Clarkson noted: “When we got there, we bumped into the producer of A League of their Own, Joanna Lumley, Bob Mortimer, Paul Whitehouse, every single TV show you could think of that ordinarily would be somewhere else in the world was suddenly in the Outer Hebrides.”

The Grand Tour: Lochdown airs on Amazon Prime Video from 30 July.

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