Jeremy Clarkson fears he'll die at 61 after losing family and friends at same age

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Jeremy Clarkson has confessed he fears he'll die at 61 after losing family and friends at the same age.

The former Top Gear host is finding it hard to accept that he's getting older, and celebrating his 61st birthday back in April made him contemplate his own mortality.

"Everyone I know dies at 61. All my friends did, my dad did, that’s when you go... If I make it to 62, I’ll be here forever," Jeremy told Saga magazine.

“When dad died, I thought of him as an old man, but I don’t feel old. When I see myself on screen I think, ‘Who’s that?’ I always expect a 19-year-old to be looking back at me. But old people don’t look like we think they should," he continued.

Jeremy joked he'd be rocking out to White Riot by The Clash when he's in a care home, and "not dancing to Vera Lynn".

The controversial TV personality also reflected on his battle with Covid-19, and said he feared he'd be hospitalised due to his poor health and boozy lifestyle.

“I was worried because I’m overweight, I have smoked half a million cigarettes and I’ve had double pneumonia, so I’m a poster boy for bad Covid," he explained.

"I spent the first day Googling, ‘Can you drink?’ and I found one website that said you could, so I took a case of wine to the bedroom and some Bond films, and in the end, it was mild," the Who Wants to be a Millionaire host added.

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