Jeremy Bowen feels Emily Maitlis 'crossed a line' with Dominic Cummings comments

The journalist spoke to Piers Morgan Uncensored about the Newsnight row.

Video transcript

JEREMY BOWEN: I think that the BBC is quite clear. Whatever your views are, you stick them in a box on the door. You pick them up on the way out.

PIERS MORGAN: When you saw Emily Maitlis, this thing on Newsnight, which causes the problem about Dominic Cummings, did you feel--


PIERS MORGAN: Did you feel it crossed a line?

JEREMY BOWEN: Yeah, it did actually. I think that it wouldn't have taken a great deal for it to stay on the right side of the line. Because you know, if you-- you cannot say this-- we all think that, effectively, is what she was saying 'cause, actually, probably some people didn't that.

I think if she'd written it a little bit more cleverly, if she'd said, everybody is talking about this. This is what people are saying. I mean, some of you out there may disagree. But the country is up in arms about Dominic Cummings. I think a lot of people were.

But it was the way she said it, and in the context that she said it, and in the top of doing a kind of soliloquy at the top of a big time BBC News program was not considered appropriate. And I think it was appropriate for the bosses to have a word with her after that.

PIERS MORGAN: Interesting.

JEREMY BOWEN: She didn't like it clearly. And now, she's got another job.

PIERS MORGAN: But [INAUDIBLE] asking me, there's been a lot of people leaving the BBC, you know. From Emily to Andrew Neil to Andrew Marr, all these people.

JEREMY BOWEN: And lots of people you haven't heard of who have taken redundancy in various things.

PIERS MORGAN: Is there any check that contempts you to unleash yourself as an opinionated monster?

JEREMY BOWEN: I'm a BBC man through and through. You know that.

PIERS MORGAN: I think you are.