Late Jeopardy host Alex Trebek offers posthumous Thanksgiving message: ‘There are many reasons to be thankful’

Rachel Brodsky
·1-min read
Alex Trebek on ‘Jeopardy!' (YouTube/Jeopardy!)
Alex Trebek on ‘Jeopardy!' (YouTube/Jeopardy!)

Late Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek offered a hopeful Thanksgiving message for America shortly before his death from pancreatic cancer on 8 November.

Tweeting a clip from today's (26 November) holiday episode, the show's social account offered the following words from Trebek, who noted that "there are many reasons to be thankful".

“Happy Thanksgiving ladies and gentleman. You know, in spite of what America and the rest of the world are experiencing right now there are many reasons to be thankful. There are more and more people extending helping hands to do a kindness to their neighbors, and that’s a good thing. Keep the faith. We’re going to get through all of this and we’re going to be a better sodality because of it”.

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The Jeopardy! account added its own note, writing, "High on our list of things to be thankful for this year: Alex’s Thanksgiving message from today’s show. We hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!"

Trebek reportedly taped 35 game show episodes in the weeks leading up to his death. "Greatest Of All Time" winner Ken Jennings will be the interim host of Jeopardy! when it resumes production on 30 November.