Jennifer Lopez single handedly revived this iconic 90s Pam Anderson hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez has worn some pretty iconic hairstyles throughout her time in the limelight (side note: the hurr reign continues with her recent tousled curls but that's a story for a different day). Circa 1997, it was the bouffant curls, '99 saw her with a blunt straight cut and then came the whirlwind that was the 00s. But just before the bandana buzz had its moment, Pamela Anderson (celeb switch-up) rocked an updo that is, now, seen as an iconic part of the era. Fast forward to today, Jen is making those two worlds collide with her 2022 take on the look.

The actor-meets-singer-meets dancer (aka an all-around multi-hyphenate and business mogul) took to Instagram just a few hours ago to debut said hairstyle. Although she wore the look for a campaign shoot with fashion brand Coach, it's the beauty glam that we're more so pre-occupied with.

To create the undone yet sophisticated curly updo, Jen's go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton, teamed up with fellow pros Danielle Priano and Nero. It was a collaborative effort, if you will.

It's giving effortless 'I just got out of bed' vibes but in my reality, it would take three hours and many hot coffees later to even get close to this sorta look. Alas, I'm willing to give it a go...

Oh and granting my very wish is Chris himself, who took to Instagram earlier this year to provide us with the long-awaited updo tutorial. As he says in the below video, "it’s actually really easy to do".

Pre-warning, this look and tutorial does come with one pitfall... and that is to be quick in nabbing the following Color Wow Style on Steroids Performance Enhancing Texture Spray, £24.

The race is on! P.S. I'm already adding to my online shopping cart... CYA!

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