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Jennifer Lopez looks fire wearing a chic messy updo and cut-out bodysuit

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If you're an avid J-Glow, I mean J-Lo fan, then you would know that just a few days ago – that's after her big marriage announcement, FYI – Jennifer Lopez launched a brand new beauty product: the Targeted Booty Balm. And as excited as we were (and still very much are) about the drop, what we're more preoccupied with ATM is the campaign images, which of course, have been shared to her Instagram feed.

Since, well, circa 1997, Jen has been slowly ditching the fabric, so much so that with this launch we received a totally naked pic. And not only that, but she also wore a very skimpy cut-out bodysuit. Cue all the fire emojis.

Now, adding to that collection of nearly-meets-very naked snaps is another of her wearing a very similar cutout leotard – the latest is a turtleneck, in case you were wondering. This time, however, all eyes have been averted to her hair, for she is wearing the chicest messy updo we ever did see.

Just take a look for yourselves:

I think it's safe to say that she looks absolutely incredible, wouldn't you agree?

In terms of the very Pamela Anderson-esque hairstyle, we're being given 'minimal effort maximum effect', if you get my vibe. For this (in the simplest of explanations), her hairstylist would have clipped the main body of her hair up and curled the loose ends, all while keeping two face-framing pieces of hair out at the front. Sounds easy, I guess.

As for the body glow, Jen reveals the thought behind the process, writing: "For me, it's all about feeling confident in your skin, no matter what. That's why working with the best chemists in top labs to bring you a formula that could do just that and deliver real results was so important to me. This is seriously sexy science. @JLoBeauty".

Sexy science, indeed!

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