Jennifer Lopez Just Revived A Classic Primary School Hairstyle And She Looks So Chic

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Photo credit: Leon Bennett - Getty Images
Photo credit: Leon Bennett - Getty Images

There are some hairstyles we tend to leave behind in our childhood. Some, like the awful bowl haircut my mum gave me as kid, are better off left in the 1990s. But there are some hairstyles that are having a bit of a resurgence.

We’ve recently been seeing the thick, blocky fringes of our childhoods making a comeback and now, it looks like pigtails are another playground hairstyle having a revival. And before you question it; yes, pigtails can be worn in a way that is more chic and stylish, less school dinner-ready.

Just look at Jennifer Lopez. The singer recently rocked sky-high pigtails that sat on the top of her head.

Her hairdo, which was created by go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton, was completed with a middle parting for a more sleek, grown-up finish. As for the ponytail sections themselves, they still had J-Lo’s signature bouncy blow-dry finish.

To finish the look, the singer is rocking a smoky glam look with eyeshadow blended up into a dramatic winged liner. She's also wearing a sage green satin dress, complete with a daring cut-out along the chest and hot pink lace hem. A vibe.

While we don’t think we’d look quite like this if we tried pigtails ourselves, we wouldn’t mind having Chris on speed dial to help recreate this look. In fact, being able to call up Chris as part of our personal glam squad sounds like a dream…

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