Jennifer Lopez just recreated the Spice Girls' most iconic '90s hairstyle

Laura Capon
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Photo credit: Instagram/chrisappleton
Photo credit: Instagram/chrisappleton

From Cosmopolitan

Is it any wonder we've all regressed back to the '90s when we're living through the shit show that is 2020.

From the bucket hats I see on my TikTok feed every day, to the return of the tiny handbag which definitely doesn't fit our non-flip phones, we're all desperate to go back to a time when our lunchboxes contained a packet of limited edition Walkers Spice Girls crisps.

Even Jennifer Lopez.

Our favourite Jenny from the block has been making her way through every iconic hairstyle we can remember. From that Pamela Anderson bombshell hair, to her poker straight Aaliyah bob and not forgetting her Geri Halliwell inspired chunky highlights.

To be fair, if we had Jlo's ability to defy the laws of ageing, we would to live in another decade permanently.

Her latest look by her stylist Chris Appleton is just as iconic as the others: space buns.

Yep, the hairstyle loved by both Baby and Scary is making a comeback, but with a sleeker, modern twist, which stops you looking like an overgrown toddler.

Chris does this by keeping two large sections of the hair straightened and tucked behind the ears, keeping the buns further back on the head, like so.

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This is also a really good tip if you are the kind of person who feels uncomfortable having all their hair off their face.

Even with our limited hairstyling skills, I think this is one we can all attempt at home.

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