Jennifer Lopez has gone back to her roots with dark 'mocha brown' hair transformation

jennifer lopez mocha brown hair transformation
Jennifer Lopez just dyed her hair mocha brownAxelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Between Gigi Hadid with her caramel mocha roots, and Cardi B and her chocolate mullet, it seems celebs really are looking to their hot beverages to decide which hair colour to go next. Jennifer Lopez is the most recent celeb to join the coffee break squad with her new 'mocha brown' hair transformation.

As of late, we've become used to seeing JLo with her caramel-inspired highlights, taking her into that space between a brunette and a blonde – a 'bronde', if you will. But this recent colour switch-up definitely puts her in the darker hair category.

Considering 'liquid brunette' has become one of the most popular hair trends in recent months, it's not a surprise to see JLo debut her take on the shade. If you haven't come across the hue already, it's essentially brown hair with some warmer-toned highlights. It's super subtle but it just gives hair that glossy expensive-looking edge.

For this colour transformation, Jennifer turned to hair stylist, Lorenzo Martin, to deliver the goods. And boy, did he deliver. The darker shade looks almost good enough to eat and really suits her signature 'JLo glow'.

The hue is reminiscent of the colour the singer wore in the 90s, so we're really appreciating the throwback, too.

It's not just the colour that has caught our attention either, it's also the hair length. Just a few days ago, JLo was papped sans-hair extensions to reveal her shorter, natural length.

Judging by the long locks she now sports, we're willing to bet she's returned to the extensions once again. Either that, or her hair grows at Usain Bolt-like speed, which would be very impressive, to say the least. Either way, we love the new look.

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