Jennifer Hudson dislikes when stylists tell her how she 'needs to feel' in an outfit

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Jennifer Hudson dislikes when stylists try to dictate how she should "feel" in an outfit.

In an interview for Glamour magazine, the superstar noted that she no longer feels any pressure to conform to outdated Hollywood standards of body size or shape.

Specifically, Jennifer refuses to wear anything that doesn't make her feel good.

"What I can't stand is when you're doing fittings and you're working with different stylists and they're like, 'Put this corset on.' No," she shared. "Don't tell me how I need to feel in my body. Let me ask for that. Would I have said that 10 years ago? Probably not. I'm 41, I'm content with the way I am."

While Jennifer is now confident in her fashion selections, designer Tom Ford insisted that the Dreamgirls actress has always had an innate sense of style.

"She has a strong sense of identity," he gushed. "So, she is easy to dress."

Jennifer showcases her sense of style on her new talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show.

The programme debuted in September.