Jennifer Garner reevaluated alcohol intake during Covid-19 lockdown

Jennifer Garner shifted her relationship with alcohol over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, the 49-year-old actress spoke on Instagram Live with her longtime friend, Judy Greer, about her drinking habits before and after the coronavirus lockdown.

"We drink differently - I have a little bit almost every night," Garner told her fellow actress, adding "the other version, where I can go like five days but then I like, hit it hard on the weekends."

The Yes Day star shared that she didn't drink much during high school and college, but experienced an uptick in her intake after she had children - Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, nine - all of whom she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck.

"It was just like that little sip that I would have, and it felt like I'd earned it and I deserved it," she continued. "And then it feels like it's become part of a code among moms, 'Your wine, oh my gosh, you must be dying to have it!'"

Once the pandemic hit, Garner noticed another increase in her drinking. She experimented with being "sober-ish", sharing that stopped drinking for 10 weeks over the summer, aside from a one-night break while she was on vacation in New York City. Post-lockdown, she has continued to test how to handle her drinking habits moving forward.

"I'm just figuring it out," Garner reflected. "I'm going to have a new relationship with it post-pandemic."