Jennifer Garner proves she has not aged a day in adorable makeup-free video

jennifer garner makeup free instagram post
Jen Garner hasn't aged a day in makeup-free videoEmma McIntyre - Getty Images

I'd be lying if I said I didn't live for Jennifer Garner's Instagram page. From hilarious skits to dramatic beauty transformations, she's nothing short of good, good content. And now, Jen has combined both the former two together, making for one video that'll have you 'oohing' and 'ahhing' – in equal parts admiration and adorable-ness (yes, the vid involves a dog).

The actor has gone au naturale in her recent Instagram video reel, wearing her glasses on a makeup-free face. Now, that might not sound so exhilarating but just wait until you see how great she looks. I mean, she hasn't aged a day since 2004.

Oh, and not only that but she's also shown singing to her adorable dog, Birdie. Warning: the following vid may induce a sense of FOMO, thanks to said puppy cuteness.

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Not only do we love the realness in this clip but fans are too, seeing as the video is currently sitting on 1.1 million views and with over 60 thousand likes. It seems we all could do with some candid content every once in a while.

Singing a song from hit musical A Chorus Line, Jen references its two main characters in her caption, asking fans: "Birdies more of a “Val” than a “Morales”, don’t you think?".

Of course, fans and followers had their own thoughts, leaving loveable and funny feedback (for both Birdie and Jen) in the comments section. Read a select few below:

"Birdie, blink twice if you need help!! 😂"

"'she's doing it again' 'ugh'"

"Dogs must think we’re crazy!!"

"I adore this"

"This is what I come here for: good wholesome, dog-based content. ❤️"

"I’m glad to see I’m not the only weirdo who does stuff like this to my dog. Thanks for always making me feel normal, Jennifer Garner."

"She’s definitely a Val 🤣"

"I thought your singing was pretty good. I guess it was just not one of Birdies favorites. 😂😂😂"

More wholesome content like this, please.

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