Jennifer Garner proves to be red carpet ready, debuting her recent bob hair transformation

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Jen Garner takes her 'lob' chop to the red carpetEmma McIntyre - Getty Images

If you've been anywhere – and I mean anywhere– on the internet lately, you would have seen the hype surrounding Jennifer Garner's brand new hair transformation. So much so, that I wouldn't be surprised if you were to find pics of the cut on the deep dark web (read: Elon Musk's Twitter)... after all, everyone and their mothers were reeling off of the dramatic chop.

To debut said cut, Jennifer took to her Instagram story with a short snippet video and as much as we loved the clip, we couldn't help but want to see more. I mean, can you blame us?!

Now, thankfully for both you and me, over the weekend I was able to get my hands on some wishing dust (IYKYK) and took one for the team in the hope of another round of Jen's new hair pics. And clearly it worked because Jennifer attended the 'Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles' Gala red carpet, giving us a closer look at her 'do.

Take a look at our favourite snap below:

jennifer garner bob haircut transformation
Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

As noted previously, Adir Abergel was the genius behind Jen's new style and as we can now see, the cut sits perfectly at shoulder length and also features a very 00s-inspired side sweeping fringe. This is one that we like to call the choppy 'lob', aka a long bob.

Matt Flamhaff, also known as Matty [insert heart eyes here] in the iconic 13GO13, famously once said: "You can't just turn back time", but we would now, beg to differ seeing as this is the exactly style worn by Jenna Rink in the movie. It's almost as if we've been transported straight back to 2004!

If there were ever a sign needed to book in for an autumn hair refresh, let this be it. Chop chop, folks.

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