Jennifer Aniston's wise advice is a reminder we could all use right now

Anya Meyerowitz
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Photo credit: Getty Images

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After yesterday's (20 December) news that parts of the UK are being elevated to Tier 4 due to escalating Coronavirus cases and a new strain of the virus, Jennifer Aniston is here to give us the little reminder we all collectively need to make it through to the end of the year.

Taking to Instagram, the Friends star shared a much-needed message with her followers to remind them to show some self-compassion and care for themselves after a tough year.

'What a year. Reminder to give yourself a little love... and hang in there,' the actress wrote, alongside an old black and white picture of herself leaning across her bathroom in loose-fitting jean shorts and a bikini top and kissing her own reflection in the mirror.

Her followers, of which there are 35.9 million, were quick to respond with their own messages of hope and gratitude.

'Happiness is an inside job,' wrote one, while another added: 'We could all do with remembering this from here on out, not just for 2020.'

'I needed to hear this,' posted one user, followed shortly by: 'Thank you for always trying to spread love and positivity.'

Others were just keen to lavish their adoration of the 51-year-old, sharing love hearts and messages referencing just how much their love her.

And this isn't the first time that Jen has made an effort to take a positive, compassionate approach to more difficult situations.

There's no doubt that the actress has been through some difficult times – but in a chat with close friend Sandra Bullock for Interview magazine back in February, she revealed she has a coping mechanism for when things don't go exactly to plan.

'I think everything happens in its own time, and I think for whatever reason, life had to happen in both of our worlds the way it did,' she explained.

So, let's heed Jennifer's words and not forget to save a little love for ourselves this year.

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