Jennifer Aniston shows off her natural curly hair texture in bikini beach pics

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This summer has been a sight for sore eyes when it came to filterless, makeup-free celebrity selfies and *say it with me, now* we luuuurve to see it. We've had Kim Kardashian's 'after boat' glow, Kylie Jenner getting candid about pimples on TikTok and even Kris Jenner took to the 'Gram to walk us through her entire skincare routine. Oh, wait... that's just the Kar-Jen family. Alas, although autumn looms (bring it on, I say), the barefaced beach babes just keep on comin'. Jennifer Aniston, you're up.

In an Instagram post shared just yesterday, Jen can be seen posing from a tropical beach in multiple bikini pics all whilst makeup free, no less. And of course, she is ✨glowing✨ with her sun-kissed tan. Jealous, much? The answer is yes. Yes, I am.

However, although we do all wish we were there right now – Jen included, seeing as this is a reminiscent throwback – what's carrying us through our foggy pre-thunderstorm day is her natural hair texture and the desire to recreate it.

Intrigued? Well, scroll to the fifth slide in the below six-part (!!) carousel to see Jen's curly lengths in all their natural glory:

As shown in the snap, Jennifer's highlighted glowlighted hair holds a dreamy loose curl with a lot of texture and body that sits just at chest length. As someone with pin-straight tresses, to say I have hair envy would be an understatement. Though, all is not lost... If you too have lacklustre locks, why not add some texture, sea salt or wave spray into the hair and lightly curl for a similar result?

There's still two weeks of August left, folks. So, make use of the remaining summer sunshine with this very appropriate 'do.

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