Jennifer Aniston is recreating her iconic Friends hairstyles

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Photo credit: Instagram/jenniferaniston
Photo credit: Instagram/jenniferaniston

When it comes to hairstyles from TV shows, it's undeniable that Friends and specifically Rachel Green have had the most cultural impact.

Even people who have no idea where the phrase "We were on a break" comes from, will still be able to accurately describe to you what 'The Rachel' haircut looks like.

Over the course of 10 seasons, Jennifer Aniston sported some iconic looks and I should know seeing as I screenshotted for you.

No, you are welcome.

I'm not just flexing on you all here, this is important context as to how I spotted a pattern on Jennifer's Instagram.

It started with the video? Boomerang? Gif? Jennifer posted last night with her BFF Courteney Cox.

While the matching 'Friends Forever' merch is cute, I was more excited by Jen's latest hairstyle.

Either she is paying homage to Rush's obsession with razor cut layers back in the '00s or she is recreating the iconic Rachel hair for a modern day audience.

I mean, not to totally analyse the picture but I'm sure Jen's hair also looks darker hair which would make it even more Rachel Green season 2.

Then, I carried on scrolling and what did I see but a recreation of the iconic hair clip style from that coffee shop kiss in season 2.

Jennifer's even on a balcony just like her iconic New York apartment.

Sadly a quick scroll through David Schwimmer's Instagram confirms that he is not recreating his iconic hairstyles to match Jen, rather his iconic Ross poses.

There's still time, David.

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