Jennifer Aniston has 'no interest' in getting married again

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Jennifer Aniston doesn't have any interest in getting married for a third time.

The Friends actress was married to Hollywood star Brad Pitt between 2000 and 2005 and The Leftovers actor Justin Theroux between 2015 and 2017, and while she isn't interested in walking down the aisle again, she would love to find a partner.

"Never say never, but I don't have any interest," she told Allure magazine. "I'd love a relationship. Who knows? There are moments I want to just crawl up in a ball and say, 'I need support.' It would be wonderful to come home and fall into somebody's arms and say, 'That was a tough day.'"

The 53-year-old explained that she has been working on herself and didn't want to get into a relationship until she felt like she had made some progress.

"I feel like I'm coming through a period that was challenging and coming back into the light," Jennifer shared. "I have had to do personal work that was long overdue, parts of me that hadn't healed from the time I was a little kid. I'm a very independent person. Intimacy has always been a little here (at arm's length). I've realised you will always be working on stuff. I am a constant work in progress. Thank God. How uninteresting would life be if we all achieved enlightenment and that was it?

"I didn't want to partner with someone until some of that work was done. It wouldn't be fair. I don't want to move into a house when there are no walls," she added.

When asked she clarified if she felt she had no walls, Jennifer simply replied, "It was terrible."