Jennifer Aniston just revealed the exact lipstick she wore at 23 to her first big premiere

Back in 2017, we discovered the go-to lipstick used on Jennifer Aniston through 10 seasons of playing beauty and style icon, Rachel Green in Friends. It was a simple piece of beauty intel that caused a frenzy of delight, flames of delight only fanned by the fact we could still get our sticky little paws on it now.

The shade we speak of is of course MAC 's Paramount. Described by Jen as a "browny brick", the shade is oh-so-nineties, but hasn't dated one bit. We know now that it was actually Jen's go-to before it was Rachel's, and the star herself brought the shade to her character's makeup bag.

jennifer aniston mac paramount lipstick
Jennifer at the 1993 premiere of movie Leprechaun.Ron Galella - Getty Images

Presented with a photo of herself back in 1993 at the premiere of Leprechaun – AKA her first lead movie role – Jen identified the shade she was wearing as none other than Paramount.

The snap was pre-Friends and "before the sun kissed my hair with natural highlights," as Jen puts it, but here is little baby brunette 23-year-old Jen, already rocking her signature shade of warm brown with a satin finish.

Other parts of the look she didn't feel had lasted so well. She revealed she'd cut her hair herself for the occasion, saying; "Oh dear, first of all that's awful. This is from the premiere of Leprechaun. I'm sorry, and I did this all myself."

TBF it looks infinitely better than any DIY haircut I've ever attempted (oh the flashbacks).

I'll be passing on the DIY hair cuts, but long live Paramount lipstick. I need a new tube actually. * adds to basket *

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