Jennifer Aniston reveals the three key workout moves to get her bum

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As most of the preview shots of Jennifer Aniston from her new movie We’re the Millers involve limited clothing and copious shots of her incredible bod, it’s not surprising the world is obsessed with how she got it.

We know she’s a yoga fan and her body is a temple but the 43-year-old actress has some new tricks up her sleeve that we are most definitely going to give a try.

Speaking to Yahoo omg! while promoting the comedy, Jen revealed that her stripper body (she plays one in the film), is down to three things plus a healthy dose of hard work.

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So how does she do it?

“With a lot of hard work and commitment to a workout regime and your diet!” she said, making us feel a little better than when we thought she it was down to ‘good genes’ (though they must surely help).
She continued: “Squats and you know what else is really good for your butt is yoga! As is the bar method – do you have that over here? Trust me, it just goes in and up!”

We do indeed. The Bar Method is a body sculpting technique that strengthens the core and defines muscles using dance and physical therapy techniques. The (ballet) bar is used for some exercises, while others are performed free standing or on mats.

But no matter how many squats you do, fast food is off the menu (we all know what happened when Jen had to eat a Big Mac on a trip with fiancé Justin Theroux).

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Instead, Jen’s a big fan of crisps. Which, coincidentally, so are we.

“No [I don’t crave] doughnut buts lots of chips! Not KFC – that’s just greasy chicken but potato chips or tortilla chips – do you have those?”

We do indeed. And we will be stocking up. Even if they don’t count as one of our five a day.