Jennifer Aniston details go-to salad recipe

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Jennifer Aniston has finally shared the recipe for the salad she ate every day on the set of Friends.

Earlier this year, a TikTok creator claimed the star's go-to lunch consisted of bulgur wheat, cucumber, chickpeas, egg, red onion, pistachios, feta, and fresh herbs, with the ingredients all tossed in an olive oil and lemon dressing.

The clip quickly went viral, racking up over 1.7 million views.

But during an interview for Allure, Jennifer debunked the video - revealing that almost all the ingredients were incorrect.

"The salad (I ate) was from the commissary, and it was a Cobb salad that we basically butchered," she shared. "It was just lettuce, iceberg, I believe, which has zero nutritional benefits, and chopped tomato, garbanzo beans - too many garbanzo beans is a little bad for your tummy, for mine, personally - salami, crunchy turkey bacon, and chicken. Oh, and pecorino cheese!"

Jennifer would top her salad with Italian dressing.

And while the 53-year-old wasn't familiar with the TikTok version, she still liked the look of it.

"But this is gorgeous. I would eat this," she insisted while viewing the video.