Jennifer Aniston accidentally swears on This Morning

Appearing on This Morning alongside Adam Sandler to promote their new film Murder Mystery 2, Jennifer Aniston accidentally let slip a swear word and quickly apologised for doing so.

Video transcript

ADAM SANDLER: There's some creation. But Jennifer did. She was scared to fall off the Eiffel Tower. They called, action. She didn't jump. And I just snuck up and pushed her. And then it was just fun to see that reaction.

- Well, I can imagine what it was if someone pretending to push you off the top of the Eiffel Tower. What fun. [LAUGHS]

- How is-- how is--

JENNIFER ANISTON: Yeah, just for [BLEEP] and giggles.


- Sorry about that. Sorry about that.

- No, that's good.

JENNIFER ANISTON: I'm sure you can bleep that.

- No, no, it's live. But don't worry. We love it. We love it. It's fine.



- You got to--


- --spend, obviously, an awful long time in--

ADAM SANDLER: At least you said, giggles. There was happiness after it.


- Spending time in--

ADAM SANDLER: Sorry, everybody.

- No, it's fine.