Jennifer Aniston, 53, just wore a Chanel micro bikini & WHOA

jennifer aniston micro bikini
Jennifer Aniston wears a Chanel micro bikiniJon Kopaloff - Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston just wore a Chanel micro bikini. I repeat, Jennifer Aniston just wore a Chanel micro bikini. It's a sentence I never thought I'd write (let alone repeat) but here we are. And the pic is, unsurprisingly, sending fans into overdrive.

Today, Allure revealed their latest cover starring Jen wearing the teeniest bikini we've seen in yonks. So far, we've seen the micro 'kini trend repped by everyone from Dua Lipa to Kim Kardashian, and now the Friends alum has gone and joined the movement.

"#JenniferAniston is not here to dissemble or dance around her truth," writes the mag on Instagram. "For her fifth Allure cover, The Morning Show actor and LolaVie founder opens up about family conflict, reveals her #IVF journey, and picks over the pieces of personal loss. But she’s come out stronger on the other side and has zero regrets–other than wishing she’d been kinder to a younger Jennifer.

"'I feel the best in who I am today, better than I ever did in my 20s and 30s even, or my mid-40s. We needed to stop saying bad shit to ourselves. You’re going to be 65 one day and think, I looked fucking great at 53.' (She really does.)At the #linkinbio, Aniston shares more about why she would call this chapter of her life, 'Phoenix Rising.'

Fans are losing it in the comments section, writing:



WHAT A GODDESS!!! Okay I’m breathless 😮💨😮💨❤️❤️

Yes to all of this! 👏

Love seeing women in their 50’s celebrating the fullness of their life, beauty and bodies. Go off Jen, giving the main character energy we deserve!


Y’all said let me break the internet real quick

Yep, now that's one way to get the internet talking.

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