Jennie Bond shares sympathy with Prince Harry over book revelations

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond has said she feels sorry for Prince Harry over some of the revelations in his book, particularly the passages about his relationship with his father.

Video transcript

- One of, you might say, the lighter, more trivial revelations in the book-- and this is Harry saying that he had frostbite of the penis at William's wedding to Kate. Now, [LAUGHS] you may want to put that in context for people who still haven't seen the book and are still only hearing the dribs and drabs of information as they kind of trickle through from the Spanish translation. But-- but-- but why does he tell that story? What does that pertain to?

JENNIE BOND: I don't-- well, I don't know, really. And also that he was circumcised, and there had been, apparently, discussion. I certainly didn't discuss it on the BBC, whether he was circumcised or not, but apparently he feels there was discussion about it, and he feels the need to set the record straight on that. There are some very odd parts of this book. There are also some very moving parts.

And I do have some sympathy with Harry, particularly. I think he calls his father emotionally stunted-- something like that. And to think of this little boy being told that his mother had been killed in a car crash, and Charles, according to Harry, patted him on the knee, did not wrap him in his arms and hug him. There are parts like that, which-- which I have a great deal of sympathy with.