Jenna Bush Hager called her husband ‘Daddy’ on live TV and we’re SO here for the cringe

There are certainly worse things that could have happened. Jenna Bush Hager had a full-on mommy moment during a segment on “Hoda and Jenna” on Monday, when an innocent slip of the tongue resulted in her calling her husband by another name he probably hears a lot in their house.

It was during a part of the show when Bush Hager was talking to her co-host, Hoda Kotb, about her kids dressing up as “Trolls” characters.

“Hal wants to be baby Diamond and have Daddy be — ” she said, catching herself mid-slip.

She continued, “First of all, I just called him daddy on television,” looking around and seeming way too embarrassed about this, considering every mom on Earth can totally relate.

Laughter could be heard off-camera. Kotb put her head down to hide a chuckle. Bush Hager blew raspberries while Kotb tried to calm her down by telling her, “Namaste.”

Of all the things she could have accidentally said on TV, this is what she’s embarrassed by? I mean, this is pretty much bound to happen to a mom at some point.

“I just called my husband ‘daddy.’ I need to be put in some sort of, is there like a corner where I can go sit for a few minutes just to think,” Bush Hager said, still seeming surprised by the moment, for some reason.

Kotb, however, gets it. She assured the viewers at home that this was nothing, and that if they could hear “all the things you said in your house out loud,” they’d probably think every host on the show was “crazy.” That makes us think Hoda probably says some way weirder things than just calling her husband “daddy,” and we officially want to know what they are. Hoda, you’re nominated for the next slip of the tongue.