Jeffrey Dahmer's dad speaks out about the "red flags" he missed in his son

jeffrey dahmer's dad reveals the
Jeff Dahmer's dad reveals "red flags" he missed EUGENE GARCIA - Getty Images

It's been a few weeks since Netflix's Dahmer series pulled us into the terrifying true story of the 'Milwaukee Cannibal' and his crimes. And now, Jeffrey Dahmer's dad has spoken out about the "red flags" and "warning signs" he missed before his son went on to murder at least 17 people.

Speaking on the Dr Phil show, Lionel Dahmer said that when his son was a child, he would explore the local are and collect dead animals – although, in the Netflix adaption, this is an activity that we see the father and son doing together.

"[He] felt them, explored them – their insides, their entrails and terrible things like that," Lionel told Dr Phil over the weekend. "Although I’ve had friends who have told me they’ve done the same sort of thing, but that would have been a red flag."

Later in the episode, footage showed Lionel explaining that when his son was 12-14 years old, he would "pick up roadkill". Lionel says that this is the age when Jeffrey began to have a strange association between "roadkill" and "his sexual urges".

After hearing Lionel discuss the "red flags" he'd noticed, Billy Capshaw – who claims Jeffrey tortured and assaulted him – said on the show: "I feel like [Lionel] knew something was wrong with Jeff and he tried to put him in the military even, to get rid of that problem."

Lionel went on to tell viewers that he's "sorry" for his son's crimes, adding: "If I could have done anything to prevent it, I would have."

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