Jeffree Star's Blood Lust palette launches today, here's all the UK release info you need

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Die hard fanatics will know that first there was Blood Sugar, then there was Blue Blood and now, Jeffree Star is launching the third instalment in his eyeshadow palette series: Blood Lust.

Prime your eyelids, gird your loins and crack open a Red Bull because if Jeffree's Conspiracy collection launch is anything to go by, getting your hands on Blood Lust is going to be an emotional rollercoaster.

The palette launches worldwide on Friday 21st February on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website. However, if you don't want to pay for international shipping, or just want to have two tabs open when one inevitably crashes, Jeffree's exclusive UK retailer is here to save the day.

Beauty Bay has confirmed Blood Lust collection will be live on-site from 6pm on Friday and it's not just the eyeshadow palette. You can bag everything in the collection including the five lip glosses: 'Iridescent Throne'. 'Lord Star', 'Sickening', 'Sorcery' and 'Wizards Glass'. As well as the Extreme Frost Highlighter and Mini Purple Velour Lipstick Bundle.

Not to mention the new iconic, crown-shaped mirror and matching metal purple straws. But the best thing is, if you do manage to add it to your basket on Friday, it could literally be in your sweaty little hands by Saturday.


For his Blood Lust reveal video, Jeffree appeared to channel his inner Disney villain. Sitting in an incredibly regal throne, surrounded by velvet purple drapes, with nails that could easily slice an unprotected throat.

Come through Maleficent.

When it comes to eyeshadow palette shapes, Jeffree has tried them all, from a coffin to an alien head. But he's trying something a little more 6 sided for his Blood Lust launch... we're talking a hexagon, baby.

But this isn't any old hexagon mind you, this is a purple velvet sheathed hexagon.

Not only is this a brand new shape for Jeffree and the world of eyeshadow palettes, but it's a whole new colour series too. While Blood Sugar was red, Blue Blood, blue, Blood Lust has a purple theme and we are totally digging it.

Containing eighteen shades, promising "extreme payoff" and a new "extreme sparkle metallic formula", Blood Lust is everything we hoped it would be and more.

Explaining that he knew he wanted to do something "sickening for this launch", Jeffree revealed that the inspiration behind the Blood Lust collection is a little different.

And by different we mean our five favourite things: "vampires, love, sex, devotion and passion," of course, duh.

All you kinky little vampires will be pleased to know that Blood Lust isn't just an eyeshadow palette. The full collection consists of five lip glosses: 'Iridescent Throne'. 'Lord Star', 'Sickening', 'Sorcery' and 'Wizards Glass'.

As well as an Extreme Frost Highlighter and Mini Purple Velour Lipstick Bundle. Not to mention a whole host of merch, including a new iconic, crown-shaped mirror.

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Set your alarms now...

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