Jeff Probst Calling Out Parvati Shallow Has Gone Viral After Her Traitors Appearance, And Survivor Fans Are Backing Her Up

 Parvati Shallow on Survivor Season 200.
Parvati Shallow on Survivor Season 200.

There's a new juggernaut in the reality competition show genre, and that's none other than The Traitors. Available with a Peacock subscription, the new season has been a delightful ride so far, with the Traitors Season 2 cast full of reality royalty. That includes Survivor winner and overall icon Parvati Shallow, who is one of the titular Traitors. Jeff Probst calling out Parvati has gone viral as a result of her return to TV, and Survivor fans are backing her up.

As the show's popularity increases, more folks are finding out how to watch The Traitors Season 2. Some fans are being introduced to Parvati Shallow for the first time, aka one of the most popular Survivor players ever. Old clips from her four seasons on the show have gone viral as a result, including comments that host/producer Jeff Probst made about her being a villain back in Season 20. Check out one such tweet below:

This moment in Survivor history came in the premiere episode of Heroes vs Villains, which is arguably the best season in the show's history. Parvati was confused as to why she was placed in the villains tribe, only to get a mouthful from Jeff herself. In the end she's go on to make some legendary movies, and once again secure a place at Final Tribal despite already being a Survivor winner at that point.

As a hardcore Survivor fan myself, I've been thrilled to see her as a Traitor, and was on Parvati's side during her conflict with Phaedra. Many other fans are speaking out about Shallow, and defending her from the comments Jeff Probst made back in the day. One such person simply repeated Jeff's words back at him, posting:

I stand by that leading a coalition of women to take down men who belittle and underestimate you is not betrayal and it’s not villainous. It’s heroism at its finest. Fight me. #Survivor

There's a reason why Survivor is considered one of the best reality shows of all time. Namely because there's wild gameplay that makes for riveting viewing experience. Survivor fans aren't above giving Probst some snark, with another Parvati apologist taking aim at the way he sometimes approaches contestants. As they tweeted out:

Jeff lowkey loves putting a target on ppl lol he loves some dramatic storytelling

Season 20 had one of the best Survivor casts of all time, including some of the most iconic players to ever play the game. And while Jeff Probst called Parvati a villain thanks to her game-winning strategy in Season 16, her two biggest allies were also on Heroes vs. Villains. Despite their team scheming, Amanda and Cirie were both deemed heroes. One fan pointed this out, saying:

The genre-blindness of saying that to Parvati's face while Amanda and Cirie are chillin on the heroes tribe 😂

In the end Parvati (mostly) got the last laugh, and ended up making her way to Final Tribal alongside Sandra Diaz-Twine and Russell Hantz. Unfortunately for Shallow, she didn't win a second time, with that honor going to Sandra. Luckily for Survivor fans, Parvati and Sandra reunited filming The Traitors Season 2. And it was a little awkward.

New episodes of The Traitors airs Thursdays at 9pm EST on Peacock. As for Survivor fans, the show's catalogue is streaming with a Paramount+ subscription.