Jeff Bezos lawyer denies housekeeper's claims of unsafe working conditions

Jeff Bezos is being sued by a former housekeeper credit:Bang Showbiz
Jeff Bezos is being sued by a former housekeeper credit:Bang Showbiz

An attorney representing Jeff Bezos has denied claims made by a housekeeper who is suing over allegedly "unsafe and unsanitary work conditions".

The Amazon founder is facing a lawsuit from Mercedes Wedaa who filed paperwork at King County Superior Court in Seattle, Washington claiming she faced difficult conditions while employed by Bezos and companies that managed his properties - alleging she and other housekeepers were "forced to climb out the laundry room window" to use the toilet because there was "no reasonably accessible bathroom" available to them.

According to the documents, Wedaa claimed she and other housekeepers developed urinary tract infections because they “had to spend large parts of their day unable to use the toilet."

Wedaa - who began working for Bezos in September 2019 - also alleges housekeeping staff were not given proper breaks or anywhere to take a rest during their shifts. She also claims she was dismissed from her role after complaining about her working conditions and claiming two of her supervisors were "demeaning and disrespectful" to the Hispanic housekeepers.

Attorney Harry Korrell - who is representing Bezos - told CNBC that housekeeping staff had access to numerous bathrooms and break rooms and claimed Wedaa was dismissed over her performance.

He added: "We have investigated the claims, and they lack merit."

Patrick McGuigan - a lawyer representing Wedaa, said: "Federal and state labor and employment laws dictate that working people must be paid for the work they perform and that they must be able to perform their work in a discrimination-free, safe, sanitary, and healthy workplace. These laws must be adhered to by all employers."