Jason Oppenheim's Dating History: From Chrishell Stause to Marie-Lou Nurk

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After splitting from costar Chrishell Stause in December 2021, Jason Oppenheim has been dating model Marie-Lou Nurk since July 2022

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Jason Oppenheim is no longer on the market!

The real estate broker has found love with German model Marie-Lou Nurk, whom he first met in July 2022 while vacationing in Mykonos, Greece. During their first year of dating, the pair celebrated several milestones, and in February 2023, they even moved in together.

Though their relationship moved fast, it came as no surprise to Oppenheim, who told PEOPLE their connection was nearly instant. "I knew how much I liked her pretty quickly," he said.

Prior to Nurk, Oppenheim briefly dated his Selling Sunset costar Chrishell Stause. Having just gone through a very public breakup, Oppenheim didn’t think he would find someone new so soon. "I thought at some point I'd be happy again with a woman — by no means did I think it would be this soon,” he said. “I would've said probably two or three years before I was in a relationship.”

As fans know, starting a family has been a big point of contention in Oppenheim’s past relationship; but with Nurk, “there’s no pressure” to have kids. "I'm more open to being a husband than I am a father right now," he told PEOPLE of their “easy” relationship.

But Stause isn’t the only co-worker Oppenheim has dated. Long before Selling Sunset took off, he and longtime friend Mary Fitzgerald were an item. Though their romance fizzled before fans got to know them as a couple, Fitzgerald has remained an important fixture in Oppenheim's life, both personally and professionally. The real estate broker also had a romantic relationship with fellow costar Nicole Young. Having dated Oppenheim roughly 14 years ago, she calls herself the "original girlfriend."

In September 2022, the realtor confirmed that Nurk was filming for the sixth season of Selling Sunset, making her the fourth of Oppenheim's girlfriends to appear on the hit show.

Here’s a look back at Jason Oppenheim’s dating history.

Nicole Young

During season 6 of Selling Sunset, Young revealed that she and Oppenheim dated "13 or 14 years ago." She was not a real estate agent at The Oppenheim Group at the time.

"I'm the 'O.G.' ... original girlfriend," Young said on the reality show.

Mary Fitzgerald

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Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty

Fitzgerald had an on-again, off-again relationship with Oppenheim for about a year, long before cameras began following the Oppenheim Group realtors.

Fans learned of the pair's history during season 1 of Selling Sunset, when it was revealed that Fitzgerald and Oppenheim had dated and even lived together back in the day. During their relationship, they also adopted two dogs: Zelda and Niko.

Things between the two ended amicably, and Fitzgerald still considers Oppenheim to be “one of my longest and best friends.” In fact, Oppenheim still goes to Fitzgerald for dating advice. He sought out her approval while dating Stause, her best friend and mutual costar.

“Jason and I have a very special bond and friendship, but they have chemistry that is meant for more than just friendship,” Fitzgerald told PEOPLE of Oppenheim and Stause’s former romance in 2021.

Of her ex's new girlfriend, Fitzgerald told PEOPLE that Nurk is “very calm, very mellow," and “not a jealous person.” She and her husband Romain Bonnet have even gone on double dates with Oppenheim and Nurk.

"We go out with them all the time. She's amazing, and I've never seen him happier," Fitzgerald said.

Chrishell Stause

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Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Oppenheim’s professional-turned-platonic relationship with Stause became romantic in May 2021, though the pair didn’t go public with their romance until that July. In an Instagram photo carousel that sent fans buzzing, Oppenheim was photographed nuzzling Stause’s neck while they vacationed together in Italy.

Shortly after, Oppenheim exclusively confirmed to PEOPLE that they were in “an amazing relationship” and “very happy together.”

The couple made their red carpet debut at the L.A. premiere of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in August 2021. That same month, they joined Oppenheim’s twin brother Brett and his then-girlfriend Tina Lousie for a triple date with their parents, Bennett and Deborah Oppenheim. To mark their first major holiday together, Stause and Oppenheim spent Thanksgiving volunteering in their community.

However, by the time Christmas rolled around, the two had gone their separate ways. In December 2021, the Selling Sunset stars each confirmed on Instagram that they had split, citing “different wants regarding a family” as the cause of their breakup.

While Stause was excited to start a family in the near future, Oppenheim wasn’t on the same page about having kids. "You can't talk out this problem. It's just something that, it is what it is," Stause said of their differentiating views on parenthood in an interview with PEOPLE in 2022.

Stause and Oppenheim had to watch their relationship play out on the fifth season of Selling Sunset, which premiered in April 2022. Their romance was documented in its entirety and quickly became a character in and of itself. Speaking with PEOPLE at the time, Oppenheim compared it to “[getting] a divorce and [having] to watch your wedding video.”

During the show’s tearful reunion, Oppenheim referred to Stause as “the love of my life.” Though, as time has gone on, the two have been able to come back as friends. In June 2022, Oppenheim shared with PEOPLE that he and Stause are “in a healthy place.”

Marie-Lou Nurk

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Jerritt Clark/Getty

Six months after his split from Stause, Oppenheim found love again with model Marie-Lou Nurk.

The pair were first linked in July 2022 when photos surfaced of them packing on PDA while vacationing in Mykonos. During that same trip, Oppenheim made his debut on Nurk’s Instagram Story.

Speaking to PEOPLE after returning from the trip, Oppenheim stayed coy about his burgeoning romance with Nurk. "I mean, we're talking. I like her and maybe I'll see her soon," he said.

Not long after, however, the duo confirmed their relationship by walking the red carpet together at the L.A. premiere of Day Shift in August. The following month, the new couple then returned to Mykonos for an extended trip alongside Oppenheim's brother Brett and his new girlfriend, Samantha Abdul.

During the 2022 holiday season, Oppenheim and Nurk took things to the next level and met one another’s parents. Oppenheim got to know Nurk’s family over FaceTime, and told PEOPLE that she be spending both Thanksgiving and Christmas with his parents.

While Oppenheim “realistically could never move to Europe,” he shared that he’s seriously considering owning a piece of Parisian real estate. "For the first time, I'm thinking about maybe getting something in Europe, mostly because my girlfriend lives in Paris and I love Paris," he said.

In the interim, the couple are getting settled in their new West Hollywood home. "We're living here, I think, for many years," Oppenheim told PEOPLE during a tour of their new condo. "I've lived in many nice places, but this is my favorite place by far." The 5,500-square-foot space has a lot going for it, from its 12-foot ceilings and wraparound terrace to its 10-seat private movie theater and stunning views; but for Nurk, her favorite part of the home is the “separate bathrooms and natural light.”

However, Nurk is still living in Paris part-time. In a Q&A posted to her Instagram Story in April 2023, the German model shared that she wasn’t ready to pack up her life in Paris just yet.

"Long distance relationships can be tough, but we're both committed to making it work. We make sure to communicate regularly and make time for each other despite the distance,” she wrote on her Story.

In May 2023, the couple made headlines after Nurk posted a series of photos on Instagram that fans assumed were from an engagement or wedding shoot. In the shots, the German model wore a white, feather-adorned mini dress, while Oppenheim wore a  black suit and white shirt. She captioned the post: "Here's to a lifetime of adventures."

Oppenheim quickly clarified that they had not wed in a statement to PEOPLE, and Nurk later changed the caption.

The post came shortly after Nurk made her first appearance on Selling Sunset during season 6. She and the realtor visited The Oppenheim Group, where he introduced her to the ladies of the office. The pair also enjoyed a double date with Fitzgerald and her husband.

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