Jason Momoa’s Max Travelogue to Ride Again

Jason Momoa is hitting the road again. The actor has struck a deal for a second season of his documentary series On the Roam with Max.

The first season, filmed over the span of three years, follows the actor as he travels through the U.S. “chasing art, adventure, and friendship through the lens of craftsmanship.” Momoa spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the project at the top of the year and explained what motivated him to carve out time from his busy schedule of top-lining movie franchises and pricey Apple series to ride his bike out to rural locales.

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He also explained why he identifies as a dirtbag.

“I used to live out of my car, carry my world and my rucksack,” Momoa said over the Zoom conversation, during which he also partially disrobed. “So, from the climber’s point of view, a dirtbag is just someone who’s really in nature, who’s constantly on the road.

Max’s announcement of the renewal comes on the eve of the final two episodes of the first season dropping on Feb. 8. “It’s an absolute honor to work with Warner Bros. Discovery and Max on another season of On The Roam,” Momoa said in a statement. “I put my heart and soul into this show, and I am thrilled to dive back into the untamed beauty of On The Roam for another season. It will be an extraordinary adventure!”

There was no information on when the second season might be released, but Momoa spent quite a bit of time working on the first. He taped the first segment back in 2020.

“We’re so happy to be going On The Roam with Jason for another season,” added Nina Rosenstein, HBO EVP of programming, late night and specials. “His passion shines through in every episode, and the joy he gets from introducing us to these amazing artisans is infectious. It’s such a beautifully crafted series, and we hope that it inspires audiences to discover their own passions.”

Momoa created On the Roam, which is produced by his company of the same name, and serves as co-director and executive producer alongside Brian Mendoza.

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