Jason Momoa Just Unveiled His Shaved Head Transformation

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Aquaman and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa has shaved off almost all of his famous locks in a protest against single-use plastics.

The actor took to Instagram to share a video of himself holding up his sliced-off braids as he continued to shave the sides of his head.

'Doing it for single-use plastics,' Momoa declared, explaining his reasons behind the dramatic hair transformation. 'I'm tired of these plastic bottles, we've got to stop.'

'Plastic forks, all that s**t. It just goes into our land, goes into our ocean. I'm here in Hawaii right now and I'm just seeing some things in our ocean that are so sad. So, please, anything you can do to eliminate single-use plastics in your lives... Help me. Help me. Plastic bottles are ridiculous.'

Captioning the post, he wrote: 'Here's to new beginnings let's spread the aloha. be better at protecting our land and oceans. We need to cut single use plastics out of our lives and out of our seas. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, packaging, utensils, all of it. Let's aloha our 'āina together.'

Momoa also tagged his own aluminium bottled water company Mananalu Water, which he founded in 2019 in a bid to encourage people to seek alternatives to single-use plastics.

It's unclear whether he shaved off all his hair as he ended the video before completing the haircut, so fans will have to patiently wait to see his final look.

However, this isn't the first time Momoa has transformed his looks with the aim of raising awareness for the environmental issue.

Back in 2019, the DCEU star shaved off his signature beard in an attempt to encourage his fans to be more environmentally friendly.

'I think 2012 is the last time I shaved,' he remarked at the time.

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