Jason Momoa just stripped almost naked on live TV, and it's a *bold* move

jason momoa stripped basically naked on live tv
Jason Momoa strips almost naked on live TVJon Kopaloff - Getty Images

Jason Momoa has caused quite a stir on the internet in recent weeks, after he was seen posing pretty much naked in an internet-breaking Instagram post. And now he's back for more!

The original post in question saw Jason wearing basically not a lot during a (otherwise very wholesome) fishing trip. Following the pics, Jason appeared on US chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to discuss his outfit in the photos, before stripping almost naked once again - this time on actual live TV.

The actor, who was born in Honolulu, explained that the fishing photos saw him wearing a "traditional Malo, it’s what the Hawaiians wear," essentially a small loincloth worn by Hawaiian men for ceremonial occasions.

As a refresher, here's Jason's original fishing Instagram post (scroll through to see all the pics):

Asked by host Jimmy whether the Malo is comfortable, Jason responded, "Oh, my God, yes! I actually don’t even like wearing clothes anymore. I’m in it every day. I wear it all the time."

He then confirmed that he was indeed wearing it during the interview, going on to strip down from his purple silky pyjamas (worn seemingly as a reference to new film Slumberland).

Cue a full-on strip tease complete with music and, yep, Jason really is baring all.

Sharing the clip on Instagram, Jimmy Kimmel Live added the caption, "J A S O N M O M O A ! 😳🍑😅," and we reckon that's enough said.

jason momoa stripped naked on live tv
Randy Holmes - Getty Images

Props to Jason for always being a good sport!

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