Jason Derulo takes inspiration from his 'low moments'

Jason Derulo has been motivated by his setbacks credit:Bang Showbiz
Jason Derulo has been motivated by his setbacks credit:Bang Showbiz

Jason Derulo has taken inspiration from his "low moments".

The 32-year-old singer admits that self-improvement has been his drive "for a very long time" and he's used his setbacks to fuel his ambitions.

The 'Ridin' Solo' hitmaker - who has a 16-month-old son called Jason with ex-girlfriend Jena Frumes - shared: "My downfalls and when I have low moments, those moments really drive me.

"At my lowest lows, it's like, 'Dang, I gotta really sink my teeth in and just go for gold.'"

Jason explained that working out has been key to escaping his personal woes.

He told E!'s digital series 'DRIVE!': "The gym is a perfect place to let off the steam because you can go as hard as you need to go.

"When you just wanna scream inside and you wanna just, like, 'Ahh, I can't believe this is happening,' you can put all of that energy into the weight. And I think, for me, the gym has been a lifesaver."

Earlier this year, Jena claimed that she was "disrespected" and "cheated on" by Jason.

The actress accused her ex-boyfriend of being unfaithful during an exchange with a social media follower.

Jena posted a photo of herself in a bikini on Instagram and captioned the image: "You are beautiful, you are worth it and YOU are irreplaceable. Don't forget that. (sic)"

In response, the follower said: "Worth it in what way? You're not married, which means your child is a b****** and you're playing the w**** role. Y'all got morals mixed up. (sic)"

But Jena quickly hit back at the criticism.

She replied: "I wouldn't call myself a w**** its unfortunate situation didn't work out because we once did aspire to be married but maybe it's best to be single than to be in a relationship and constantly be disrespected and cheated on and lied to. Or is it better to stay quiet so people like you approve? (sic)"