Jarrett Allen dunked on, over and straight through Lauri Markkanen's entire person

Jarrett Allen goes through Lauri Markkanen like he’s not even there. Except he is. Which is awesome. (Getty)

Lauri Markkanen is a lot of things — a legitimate floor-spacing 7-footer, the fastest NBA player ever to 100 made 3-pointers, (potentially) the first foundational piece of the Chicago Bulls’ rebuild, “a Kobe guy” — but he’s not a rim protector. The Finnish forward’s logged just 34 blocked shots in 54 games, and opponents shoot a robust 68 percent at the basket when he’s defending it, according to Second Spectrum’s optical tracking data. When Lauri’s in the lane, opponents don’t see a roadblock; they see a runway.

Jarrett Allen, you are cleared for takeoff:

From “Finnisher” to finished. Yikes.

The Brooklyn Nets rookie’s full-extension facial on Markkanen — who, one suspects, will think twice the next time he considers setting up to take a charge against a missile — was so brutal that even the Bulls’ home broadcast had to identify it as the dunk of the game:

To his credit, Markkanen did bounce back and try to give as good as he got a few minutes later:

That was an impressive show of gumption by the Chicago freshman. (More impressive than trying to take a charge rather than contesting the shot, you might say!) He came up short, though, and so did the Bulls, falling 104-87 to the Nets in a matchup between two of the East’s worst teams.

Allen, the 2017 draft’s 22nd overall pick out of Texas, finished with 18 points on 8-for-11 shooting, nine rebounds, three blocks and two assists in 23 strong minutes for Brooklyn, which snapped an eight-game losing streak to match last year’s full-season win total with 21 games still left in the campaign. Markkanen answered with 19 points and six rebounds for the Bulls, who have now lost 12 of 14 as they embrace the NBA’s race to the bottom.

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