Japanese artist Azuma Makoto creates stunning underwater flower sculpture

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Japanese artist Azuma Makoto has created an amazing undersea flower artwork.

The new series of Azuma's Botanical sculptures have been installed at a location where flowers or land-growing plants cannot normally survive.

It follows a space project called "Exobiotanica", a deep-sea project titled "Sephirothic flower", and another, "Frozen flowers", which are part of the In Bloom project.

The sculpture, “Botanical sculpture x In Bloom project Sea #2”, was placed in the clear beautiful sea in Okinawa, Japan, with help from local divers and fishermen.

Azuma tied many bunches of flowers to the base of the structure.

Although it was difficult, as Azuma and his team needed to battle against buoyancy, they found that the flowers fit their shapes freely and have flexibility with wave swells or ocean currents under water pressure, without fading their vivid beautiful colours.