January Jones and Kiernan Shipka tried on their Golden Globes dresses from 10 years ago

Photo credit: @kiernanshipka - Instagram
Photo credit: @kiernanshipka - Instagram

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Our favourite Mad Men duo, actresses January Jones and Kiernan Shipka, rolled out two epic fashion throwbacks for yesterday's Golden Globe Awards. The pair became close while Shipka played Jones' on-screen daughter in Mad Men from 2007-2015.

Jones shared a photo of herself wearing a glamorous red gown on Instagram, which she first wore a decade ago to the 2011 ceremony. (How was that ten years ago already?!) In her Instagram Stories, she said, “Squeezed into this beauty today. 10 years ago Versace made my dream dress."

This prompted Shipka to say, "hey @januaryjones I heard we’re putting on our Golden Globes looks from 10 years ago" and share her own throwback post. Shipka's post was doubly cute, because while Jones was a fully-grown adult in 2011, Shipka was just a young girl, and her dress adorably reflects her age at the time. Shipka's sweet dress is burgundy velvet, with puff sleeves and a white frilly collar, and somehow, she still fits into it, as you can see from the third slide on her Instagram post.

Jones commented, "Yaaaasss! I believe this is called upcycling now" and honestly this social media interaction is the pure, wholesome content we needed to wake up to on a Monday morning.

Here's Jones' Versace throwback:

And Shipka's velvet dress (click through to the last slide) :

We love to see it.

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