January’s hottest dishes: The best new meals to try in London restaurants

Samuel fishwick

Freshen your palate and loosen your belt: London’s top restaurants are refreshing their menus for 2019. These are the dishes to try.

Kimchi breakfast bowls

Korea’s national dish has been punching its way onto evening menus for a while. But it makes for a perfect morning pick-me-up, too. Darwin & Wallace has added it to their breakfast bowl options at restaurants in Pimlico, Clapham, Duke Street, Battersea and Wimbledon.

Dessert for dinner

Pudding is the priority, not an afterthought, in 2019. At Hotel Café Royal, el Bulli patisserie pioneer Albert Adrià is adding “dessert tapas” to the menu, including airwaffles with caramelised banana, homemade doughnuts and chocolate cake balls.

Vaporised garnishes

Lemon, lime, orange or cucumber — whatever your drink’s garnish of choice, the days of wedges are dwindling. Opt instead for a garnish spritz, in vaporised form. Smith & Sinclair’s edible perfumes are light, non-stick and vegan. Flavours include cherry blossom and mandarin (for Negroni or gin-based drinks, or to enliven a glass of iced water), watermelon and citrus, (a fine Prosecco pairing), and pear and vanilla. Eighty per cent of taste is through smell, they say — sniff it out.

Jackfruit tacos

Jackfruit is the most convincing meat substitute du jour. At Kalifornia Kitchen, jackfruit and avocado tacos are rolled up with fennel caper, garlic, ginger, and aioli. Dishoom also does a jackfruit biryani.

Whole egg yolks

The centre of the egg is the star of the show at Scully, with chargrilled broccoli, chiankiang vinegar and salted egg yolk. At Levan in Peckham, by the team behind Salon in Brixton, you’ll find the bold boudin noir (blood sausage) with a tamari-cured egg yolk. Meanwhile at Koya, the noodle house in Soho and the City, dig into creamy bowls of onsen tamago, or poached egg in chilled dashi.

Veggie treat: The Jackfruit Biryani at Dishoom

Goat crumpets

The rise of goat meat continues. James Cochran, the Great British Menu winner, continues to champion it at his Angel restaurant 1251, and Ottolenghi is introducing a goat crumpet to the breakfast menu.

Yakhni Pulao

Take it slow at Lucknow Social, the second restaurant from Dum Biryani founder Dhruv Mittal. Yakhni pulao is a rice dish with 16-hour-simmered lamb stock.