Janties: Jeans panties are here to stay with an increase of 2250% in searches for denim underwear across the web

Megan C. Hills

This spring the term 'janties' entered the fashion lexicon, much to the mirth of Twitter users everywhere.

Designer Y/Project - an experimental Parisian fashion brand popular with Bella Hadid and Rihanna - dropped one of its most headline-grabbing pieces yet: a pair of high-waisted denim panties which cost £255.

And despite their highly uncompromising shape, the janties are already proving popular.

At the time of writing, Y/Project’s Navy Denim Panties are nearly completely sold out, with just one available size remaining on retailer Ssense.

According to global fashion search platform Lyst's festival fashion report, since mid-March the number of people looking to buy janties has skyrocketed with an increase in search traffic of 2250%.

Lyst also predict that the denim panties are set to become one of the most popular festival fashion trends this year.


Lyst's fashion insights reporter Morgane Le Caer explains, "The perfect mix between denim shorts and bikini bottoms, janties have seen a spectacular rise in searches on Lyst since [hitting] the Parisian runways, sparking both genuine interest and utter confusion among customers."

Le Caer continues, "I certainly won’t be surprised to see this unusual denim trend take over my feed. In fact, it actually wouldn’t be the first time that it has: remember when Beyoncé headlined Coachella just a year ago? She wore an eerily similar pair of denim shorts for the occasion. And if Queen Bey approves, the fashion world will follow."

(Getty Images for Coachella)

Many noted that the jantie doesn’t seem to be the most health-friendly piece (or as one Twitter commenter put it “Holy yeast infection Batman”).

Ob-gyn Dr Larisa Corda told us, “My concern with the new janties is that the denim is harsh against the delicate skin of the vulva, which may not only cause soreness and chafing, but also trap heat and moisture, leading to irritability and possible infections."

Despite the possible health risks, Y/Project's navy hotpants are almost entirely sold out, though a black version is available in a small size on Browns’ website. However, they are in low stock so you might want to move fast if you’re throwing vaginal health to the wind for your festival #OOTD.

Y/Project High-Rise Denim Hotpants


£255 | Browns | Shop it now

As always with the Internet, the reaction online to janties has been pretty energetic. Here's a few of our favourites...

Some, like Dictionary.com, refused to acknowledge the term exists.

Others questioned the styling of the product.

Some felt the product didn’t go far enough.

And then others made an apt pop culture reference to Arrested Development, sharing gifs of a character called Tobias Funke - a self-proclaimed “never-nude” who wears denim hot pants under every outfit due to a phobia of being naked.