Jane Seymour: Live and Let Die would not be made today

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Jane Seymour doubts 'Live and Let Die' would be made today credit:Bang Showbiz
Jane Seymour doubts 'Live and Let Die' would be made today credit:Bang Showbiz

Jane Seymour thinks 'Live and Let Die' would never be made today.

The 71-year-old actress played Bond girl Solitaire in the 1973 movie, and she admits that the racism and sexism that features in the film means it wouldn't be made in the modern day.

Jane told the Guardian newspaper: "You'd never make that movie now.

"You wouldn't want to make that movie. I was a woman, a virgin, who ran three paces behind a man with a gun, wearing very ... well, actually for a Bond girl, a lot. I was deflowered and then deposited. I'd lost all my power, so I was useless. It was awful!"

Seymour was only 20 when she landed the role of Solitaire. At the time, Sir Roger Moore – who played Bond in the movie – and his then-wife Luisa Mattioli recognised that she was out of her "comfort zone" on the set and they took care of her.

She recalled: "They knew I was completely out of my comfort zone. I don't think I'd ever stayed in a hotel in my life, and certainly not been to restaurants. I was there on my own and it was hard to figure it all out."

Jane admitted it was actually "quite frightening" to become a part of the legendary film franchise.

The actress said: "Before I even started, I had Terry O'Neill taking these crazy beautiful photographs of me with very little on and doing an interview about how I liked to run naked through long grass."

Despite this, Jane embraced the Bond girl tag at first.

However, she now recognises that it cost her subsequent work.

She said: "At the time, coming from obscurity, it was a very nice thing. It meant I had a job."

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