Jane Moore announces split from husband on Loose Women

Loose Women panelist Jane Moore confirmed that she was splitting up with husband Farrow after 20 years of marriage. Speaking on the ITV show, Moore called Gary her 'best friend' while announcing the news.

Video transcript

JANE MOORE: So Gary and I are separating--


Thank you. Thank you. But it's weird that it's out there, because we've been processing it for about a year. So we're both quite private people. And we had discussed it last year, and it was going to happen last year. And then he fell and broke his leg. And I didn't push him--


I just want to put that out there. He fell and broke his leg. And obviously, then, all bets are off. So we were sort of-- we're still in the same house together. We're still going to do Christmas together. The kids know. Our family know.

- So it's all amicable.

JANE MOORE: Yeah, it is. And it's weird, because I have been sort of caring for him, in that sense of the word. It's enabled us to segue-- to process it, first of all, and to sort of segue nicely into a really good friendship. I mean, I would always say he is my best friend. I hope, if he was sitting here, he would say I'm his best friend. And I'm just very, very keen that we don't lose that element of it, you know?

So we're still living together. We're still doing Christmas together. And then in the new year, we'll sell up. We'll buy our own houses-- hopefully near each other. And you know-- next chapter. But--