Jane McDonald says she won't leave money to family when she dies for touching reason

Jane McDonald made a surprising revelation about her financial plans
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TV and radio star Jane McDonald made a surprising revelation about her financial plans for the future, and it's all about living life to the fullest.

The beloved singer and presenter, 61, who faced the heartache of losing her fiancé Ed Rothe to lung cancer back in 2021, opened up in an emotional interview with Entertainment Daily.

Jane shared: "I went through a very dark and painful time losing both him and my mother just before hand but the sun is beginning to shine for me again. I've had to learn how to have a different life."

She continued, reflecting on her approach to life after loss: "And you can go two ways about it. You can either think, I'm going to enjoy my life and have a good time, or I'm not, and I've chosen to go the other way. But life is too short."

Jane is back on the airwaves on Bank Holiday Monday, 27 May, hosting Jane McDonald's Picky Tea on BBC Radio 2 at 4pm.

In a candid admission, Jane disclosed that she doesn't plan to leave any inheritance behind, opting instead to spend her wealth on herself, reports the Daily Star.

She declared: "I have no intentions of leaving any money. I'm going to spend a lot and have a great time because, why not?"

"I'll look after everybody, but I'm going to have a blast."

The star also touched on her love life, stating that finding new romance isn't on her agenda, as she enjoys the freedom of single life and cherishes time with her girlfriends.

Jane concluded with a powerful takeaway from her experiences: being alone means she can live without compromise.

Jane emotionally opened up on Loose Women about her niece naming her newborn son after Ed. She gushed over the little one, calling him "so beautiful" and admitted to being overwhelmed by love, saying she "didn't know" she could feel so deeply.

Last year, Jane spoke exclusively to OK! about "keeping grief at bay" after Ed's death, revealing that she moved in with her Celebrity Gogglebox co-star, Sue Ravey.

“It helped keep the grief at bay,” she said. “I tend to grieve in private. But you can’t always be sure when it’s going to strike. Your emotions can ambush you.”