Jane Fonda took a dig at Megyn Kelly after face-lift joke

Grace and Frankie co-stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were on Today to discuss their show, but it quickly devolved into some friendly shade. In the middle of the fun and lively interview, Hoda Kotb asked a simple question of the co-stars and longtime friends: “How long have you two been friends?” Fonda quickly responded, “50 years,” then Tomlin jokingly added, “before your first facelift.”

The women broke out in laughter, and Fonda tried to move past the friendly dig. Instead of trying to make a joke about Tomlin to even the score, Fonda took a shot at Megyn Kelly. She bluntly asked Tomlin after her joke, “Who are you, Megyn Kelly?” Dissing Megyn Kelly while on the Today show… bold move, Fonda.

In case you forgot, that Megyn Kelly dig has some precedent. In September, Fonda was a guest on Megyn Kelly Today when Kelly felt the need to ask a personal question while Fonda and co-star Robert Redford attempted to plug their then-upcoming film. Kelly tried to compliment Fonda on aging gracefully, but that somehow led to her asking the actress, “You’re not proud to admit you’ve had work done. Why not?”

Fonda glared at Kelly before snidely responding, “We really want to talk about that?” As a longtime pro, Fonda was able to turn that conversation with Kelly away from plastic surgery and back to her film.

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